Ha Long entertainment: activities not to be missed

It’s time for you to start planning your next year’s travels. There are many fun activities in Ha Long that you can experience to complete your trip.

Natural landscapes will make you admire, impressive. Whether you are admiring the bay on a classic, luxury yacht or sitting on a seaplane, zoom your eyes down, watch the limestone caves on the turquoise water.

There are many good experiences for visitors to expand their knowledge of Vietnam. From visiting beautiful temples to exciting museums. Exciting adventures await you on the trip to the Pearl of the Far East – Halong Bay.


Although it has been open since February 2017, the theme park and its theme park is still in the final stages. However, there are many entertainment activities for visitors to participate in while relaxing at SunWorld.

The game is designed suitable for many ages from children to adults, so that everyone can find their own passion and interest. Japanese Garden – Zen Park is a lot of tourists favored by the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that this place offers. Admission to Ha Long Park including the Sun Wheel, Queen’s Cable Car and Japanese Garden is VND 300,000.

SunWheel sightseeing rotation

Located in the SunWorld park complex, the SunWheel wheel is so special that it deserves a separate place on this list.

The giant wheel of SunWheel is again a destination that provides a beautiful visual view of Ha Long Bay that you cannot miss. With a height of 215m from the sea, SunWheel is one of the two largest revolutions in Vietnam.

Located on the top of Ba Deo at an altitude of 215m above sea level, Sun Wheel is one of the highest viewing spins in the world. You will want to sit on this wonderful wheel twice to see the most complete Ha Long.

Try it once in the daytime, when you really see the surrounding nature. Then try again in the evening, when the night sky becomes the perfect background for the sparkling lights of Ha Long. Romantic space will surely cover throughout this unforgettable experience.

The Queen’s Cable Car

This is another tourist attraction in SunWorld Ha Long Park complex. The Queen’s Cable Car offers visitors a wonderful view of Ha Long’s nature.

As you go along the cable, you will not be able to hold back that every moment. Visitors will admire, because nowhere to bring such a great experience. Children will also enjoy the opportunity to cross the sea in a unique medium.

You can just watch the sky above and watch the sea. This experience is the right choice for all travelers.


Ha Long holidays cannot be complete without spending time for water activities. If you want to experience the feeling of sailing around the most beautiful places of the area, you can join the journey to explore the bay on kayaks or bamboo boats.

Bring a waterproof camera to capture the best moments of your journey. Make sure you bring protective gear for your device.

There are many ways for you to join the kayaking experience in Ha Long. Many different travel and yacht companies offer this service. Kayaking is often accompanied by tours and other recreational activities.

You can rent and kayak all day without joining the tour. There will be lifeguards to observe and ensure your safety during the journey. So feel free to explore and enjoy the natural surroundings of Ha Long.

UNDERWATER ACTIVITIES: scuba diving, swimming, … in LAN HA HA

Recreational activities do not just stop at the surface of the sea but also hide beneath the ocean. Lan Ha Bay is a picturesque location with many pristine beaches for visitors to bathe or play, relax all day.

Here, in addition to sea kayaking, companies also offer other exciting activities for visitors to experience.

Lan Ha Bay and surrounding areas are ideal locations for scuba diving. The view of the sea floor of the bay will certainly not disappoint you. Thousands of brilliant coral reefs along with countless fish species: sergeant fish, anemone fish, …

This is a prominent feature that makes Lan Ha become the most favorite diving spot. Just search Google, photos of this service will appear before your eyes. Imagine the interesting things that you are about to experience.

Scuba diving is a suitable activity to record the impression with the whole family. However, visitors should note that not everyone can afford this activity in the long run. Scuba diving is an interesting choice to learn more about the lives of marine life. In addition, remind visitors about the importance of caring for the marine environment.

Surfing now records the best experiences in the sun. Very suitable for adventurous travelers who want to try new things.


Beach activities are not for all travelers. If you want to have a panoramic view of Ha Long from above, seaplane is your choice. With the flight time arranged at the most beautiful and suitable time, the 25-minute flight will surprise you.

With over 2000 islands and limestone mountains and beautiful bays, Ha Long is a great place to fly and admire. This will be the highlight of your travel itinerary.

Combining the panorama of Ha Long from above with the sight of white water bubbles through the window, the seaplane will bring the most exciting moment than ever. This is a perfect choice when visitors come to have fun in Ha Long – Ngoc Vien Vien Dong.


Besides exploring Ha Long beach, you can also participate in other activities. Hiking is also a fun activity in Ha Long. Lets you explore the serene beauty of the natural forest. You will see animals, meet people, explore their daily lives.

You can add a number of other recreational activities in Ha Long to your journey. For example: try traditional Vietnamese food. Soak in the blue water, … This is a way to relax after a long day of walking. The common place is Cat Ba National Forest.


Want to feel the simple and deep local life, visiting the small fishing villages scattered on Ha Long Bay is the choice for you. Floating fishing villages are made up of small houses, tied together against storms among islands in the waters of the bay.

The people who live here are all fishermen, usually, they will sell some items. This will be an experience of a peaceful and relaxing visit to Ha Long. Some boat tours include visiting floating fishing villages and meeting people.


It is said that the islands of Ha Long Bay were created by a mighty dragon, which decorated the sea surface by releasing rare gems. This legend also mentions mysterious treasures that can be found right in the bay.

A floating fishing village is called the “Pearl Village” – a place where visitors love to buy jewelry or learn about the miracles that nature offers not to be missed.

Visit the pearl village to learn how pearls are produced, visit farms, museums and even buy some pearl jewelry to take home.





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